ODSP Payment Dates 2024

Unfortunately, as of November 2023, the specific ODSP payment dates for 2024 haven’t been released yet. However, we can offer some guidance based on past trends and available information:

Expected Release Timeline:

Typically, the Ontario government releases the ODSP payment schedule for the upcoming year in late December or early January. So, we can expect the 2024 schedule to be available around that time.

Payment Frequency:

ODSP payments are usually issued monthly, with consistent dates throughout the year. This means once the schedule is released, you can rely on receiving your payments on the same date each month.

Where to Find the Schedule:

Once the 2024 ODSP payment dates are released, you can find them through these channels:

  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Website: The official ODSP website will likely have the schedule posted under their “News and Updates” or “Payment Dates” section.
  • Local ODSP Offices: You can inquire at your local ODSP office or call their helpline for information on the 2024 payment schedule.
  • Community and Advocacy Organizations: Organizations supporting individuals with disabilities often share updates on ODSP payment schedules and other relevant information.

Tips for Staying Updated:

  • Check the ODSP website regularly: Keep an eye on the ODSP website for announcements and updates regarding the 2024 payment schedule.
  • Follow ODSP on social media: The ODSP may share updates and information through their social media channels.
  • Connect with local organizations: Stay in touch with local disability advocacy groups or community centers that may have information on the latest ODSP updates.

In Conclusion:

While we await the official release of the ODSP payment dates for 2024, rest assured that the information will be available soon. Utilize the resources mentioned above to stay informed and ensure you’re prepared for the upcoming year.


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