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Welcome to CashBees. We offer guaranteed payday loans in Canada with instant approval up to $1500 and no credit check required with 100% online application. We are available 24/7 across Canada and our lenders accept all income types. Here you can get a guaranteed approval loan for each category of the borrower that you can get yourself through direct lenders in Canada.

CashBees stands by the needy at all times as we understand everyone’s problem which may take serious form in the future. CashBees guarantees you simple and liability-free cash access without faxing any documents for regular and irregular unforeseen expenses. We have a plethora of easy loans with direct payday lenders that offer customized to suit the circumstances and allow you to maintain financial stability.

CashBees is counted among the top payday lenders in Canada that offer payday loans within 5 minutes of processing. This is made possible through an online process that saves you time and money.

What Do CashBees Promise?

CashBees provides a relevant and effective financial solution for you with instant decisions from direct lenders. Which can easily organize your finances without any hassle.



Apply online and get your loan approval on the same day of application submission.



Approval does not come based on your financial background. What matters is the current scenario.



We belong to the new age lending where the loan terms are decided as per your financial capability.


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How Do Guaranteed Payday Loans Work?

Whenever you search for a payday approval loan online on your next paycheck. So the one word that grabs your attention is “guaranteed”. Some say that no matter what your financial situation, getting approval is a 100% guarantee. How you have applied for a loan and submitted personally identifiable information.

In reality there is nothing like that. In fact, there is no such thing as a guarantee in this world. Not even in the Canadian financial world. There is always the possibility of getting loan approval and facing rejection at the same time.

This is due to the working conditions and the terms of the fast payday loan made as such. Understand the fact that these are instant short term payday loans canada in which small amounts are offered. New payday loans Canada are offered whenever you face urgent financial needs. Hence, lenders also do not ask for credit checks, lengthy documentation process, bank visits and other such formalities.

For these reasons, borrowers may think that getting loan approval is easy and there is a guarantee of getting the much needed money. Above are the guaranteed e-transfer payday loans in Canada terms in Canada with 24/7 instant approval.

Nothing is final there. You have to meet the eligibility criteria first. Correct personal information must be provided and signed carefully to get interac e transfer loan approval.

Why Choose Loans from CashBees?

CashBees fully understands your new age requirements. That’s why we use the most innovative technologies. The aim of which is to help you get the instant approval payday loans with no refusal anywhere in Canada. But some possibility still exists that an applicant may be rejected. If the lender feels that the risk of submitting their loan application is too high.

  • Reliable Unsecured Funding
  • No Fax – No Paperwork
  • 95% Loan Approval Probability
  • Ideal Location For Instant Grants
  • Apply With Short Credit History
  • No Hard No Soft – Only No Credit Check
  • Fund Release On Exact Application Day
  • Selected Trade Finance Deals
  • Short-Term And Long-Term Funding
  • Get Money Without A Full Time Job

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Every loan deal promises fruitful results for you. Wait no, just start applying.


What Are The Basic Requirements That You Have To Meet?

You have some of the following requirements that you need to fulfill. After fulfilling such requirements you become eligible to get a online e-transfer payday loans 24/7 same day guaranteed approval. The requirements are as follows:

  • Be a resident of Canada for 3 years or more
  • reach the age of 18 or older
  • Get 600+ Credit Score
  • Earn 15,000 or more as annual income
  • holds a Canadian bank account
  • Have a debt-to-income ratio of less than 35%
  • Your credit profile should have at least 3 credit facilities
  • Have no active bankruptcy in the last 12 months

Once you fulfill all the requirements the quick cash is approved and you will get your desired amount in your bank account.

No More Denying Your Bad Credit Profile Is Acceptable

Do you have bad credit history and it is really very difficult to get cash approval to meet your immediate financial needs. With the advent of no refugee payday loans in Canada, arrangements can be made to pay the money back to you immediately. Guaranteed payday loans Canada with no refusal are available for those who are living on benefits designed to provide easy and quick access to cash to those denied by banks.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Decide The Loan Amount?

You can ask for a particular amount as per the cap mentioned in the loan. However, the final approval depends on the discretion of the online lender.

When Will you Send the Loan Amount?

As soon as, you get the final approval, lender might send the amount credited into your bank account on the same. But it all depends on the approval status. If there is a glitch in the process, then there might be some delay.

Is That Possible to Check the Credit Score?

Indeed, you can check the FICO assessment at the Equifax stage and see where you precisely remain right now. This will help you decide whether to apply for a short-term loan with high-interest rates or a personal loan with a lower apparent interest rate.

Is A Loan Really Guaranteed For Individuals?

Frankly, there is no such thing as guaranteed financial assistance before submitting your application and sending the relevant documents. Once the loan is approved, only you can be guaranteed to receive a substantial amount of cash.

How To Increase The Chances Of Receiving Quick Loan Approval?

Keep your profile clean and smooth in terms of having proper contact, address, previous employment, and other details. Even, if lenders do not ask for a credit check, still try to maintain more than average credit ratings to get swift approval in the shortest possible time.